Binaural Beats: Beat Insomnia & Stress!

Every man and his dog is meditating these days. I remember when I first tried to meditate maybe 5 years ago and I honestly couldn’t believe that it was possible to clear your mind. I thought everyone must be lying or stretching the truth about these enlightening experiences I kept hearing about! but fast forward 5 years and I meditate every day. I absolutely love it and swear by it to create a healthy, happy, balanced life. Meditation for me did take some practice though. This is why when I found out about Binaural Beats I was so super excited! They are ideal for anyone suffering with Insomnia, stress or anxiety. They are also perfect for the fast paced busy lifestyles most of us live.

We all know that music changes our state and our day to day state shapes our reality. Binaural Beats just take it that one step further. There are several app’s that you can download some of them are free and some are for a small cost offering upgraded services.

So let’s get down to how it works! You must listen to the Binaural Beats using headphones as it plays a different sound in each ear. The brain is made up of billions of cells called neurons. The way these cells communicate with each other is by electrical impulses. If you have an EEG scan, this is where they hook you up via sensors placed on the scalp and look at the electrical activity in the brain, analysing the brain wave pattern. Research has shown that when using the Binaural beats you are taken from a Beta brain wave state on an Alpha state.

Most of us are live in a Beta state. This is stressed out and alert. An Alpha state is a relaxed state, your flow state. In the Alpha state you are open to learning new things and at your most creative. Remaining in the Beta state actually ages our brain faster than it needs to age. So it is really healthy for us to get in this Alpha state to boost productivity, energy and happiness.

Binaural Beats basically work by using brain wave entrainment. The frequency of the brain matches the step of a specific frequency. So the brain changes it dominant frequency to match that of the dominant stimulus.

The thing that I loved most about Binaural Beats is that I think meditation can be intimidating for some people where as this does it all for you. You just have to lay back and relax. Do not use whilst doing any activity that requires consciousness e.g.: driving! The sounds take you into a relaxed almost hypnotic state and the benefits are not only physical but psychological too.

Try them and let me know how you get along. I’m a Binaural Beats fan for sure!

Love SJ x


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