I’ve been a creative person that loves adventure, movement, human connection and self expression since I entered the world 34 years ago!

My childhood consisted of dancing, painting, singing, playing the piano, running, playing, being active and exploring the outdoors; and the beautiful thing I’m proud to say is that I am still living true to my inner child.

During any times of stress or uncertainty I swim in the ocean and it’s as though all my worries are washed away. I am a true water baby!

Having explored a decent amount of our beautiful world (I still have much exploration left to do!) I have settled for the past few years in Dubai, UAE.

I am a personal trainer and life coach, I work 1 on 1 with clients in person and online. I work with clients world wide from stay at home Mums, CEO’S to professional athletes.

I work with people looking to discover their true purpose, to unlock their potential, to fall in love with who they are and love themselves unconditionally from the inside out.

I’ve had a colourful past and use my life experiences of pain, fear, love, adventure and growth to lead the way for my clients, offering them the tools to like me, create a life they have always dreamed of.


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